Vicky Pattison 7 Day Slim

Vicky Pattison

The Geordie Shore star has had amazing results with the Vicky Pattison 7 Day Slim workouts. Vicky Pattison managed to lose a whopping 3 stone and as a result has managed to drop an amazing 5 dress sizes in the process!

So who’s behind Vicky’s 7 Day Slim?

The Vicky Pattison 7 day slim workout has been created by a team of experts in fitness and fat loss.

David Souter –  a world reknown fitness trainer who has also worked with stars from Emmerdale, MTVs Geordie Shore (inc Charlotte Crosby), The Only Way is Essex and Liberty X’s Michelle Heaton.

Chris Kirk – Team GB’s long jumper, currently number 2 in Britain.

Robbie Thompson – From Storm Fitness.

The workouts.

These workouts have been setup so that all you need to do is at least 1 x 10 minute workout everyday in this 7-day plan.

There are a total of 6 different workouts that each include a small warmup and cool down process which is essential for any workout that you do. As a result the actual time that you spend doing the workout is just over 7 minutes long. The format of the workout is interval training where you work as hard as you can for a short period and are then given a short rest before starting again.

 The overall plan for the Vicky Pattison 7 day Slim workout is that you should try to build up over the course of 6 weeks from doing just one of the workouts and then the next week you should aim to complete 2 workouts and so on up to all 6 workouts in one session for a week. However, the fact that each workout has it’s warmup and cool down means that the multiple workouts can get a little dis-jointed.

You are given clear instructions of the required exercise in each work out by Robbie, so that you can easily follow along. On screen are Vicky and her trainer running through the moves of each workout and to ease you in whilst Vicky does the ‘hard’ versions of the workouts Robbie shows you the ‘easier’ version so that everyone can get stuck in.

The workouts target different parts of the body so you really do get an all over workout over the whole range. A brief rundown of what the workouts comprise of are :

Workout 1.

Here you will be doing lunges, a form of the plank that they call “the gorilla”,  jumping squats, pelvic work, mountain climbing, tricep dips and running on the spot,

Workout 2.

There are more gorillas, running on the spot, push ups and moving planks, jumping squats to the side, lunging spotty dogs and more floor work.

Workout 3.

Here you will be doing squatting punches, “the turtle” which involves lying on you front doing dorsal raises and more mountain climbing moves.

Workout 4.

For this workout there are more squats, sit ups, burpees, plank work and twisting obliques.

Workout 5.

More moving planks, lunging spotty dogs, more plank work, and  obliques work.

Workout 6.

The final workout in the series includes plank work with twisting obliques, the gorilla, running on the spot and more intense squats and lunges.

The DVD also has a healthy eating plan for you to follow Vicky Pattison’s diet to help fuel the muscle toning and fat burning workouts.


The Vicky 7 Day Slim is a very good DVD workout and can now be purchased at a very reasonable price and is suitable for newbies up to medium fitness level people.

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