The Insanity Workout Nutrition Plan

Insanity DietWhen you buy your Insanity Workout dvd, one of the extras you get is the Elite Nutrition Plan.

As with any workout plan you need to think about what you are eating. There is no point doing a hard workout and then ‘rewarding’ yourself with a pizza.

Not only will eating well you to lose weight, it will also help you workout more effectively with your body having more energy to do so.

One thing you shouldn’t do is look at this nutrition plan as a diet. That is an instant way to fall off it. Don’t ever feel like you are restricting yourself but instead be conscious about what you are putting into your mouth.

I can assure you, if you are not eating the right fuel for your body you will not be able to perform to your maximum ability. It is a bit like putting diesel in a petrol car an expecting it to drive.

Quite simply, your body needs the correct nutrition in order to complete Insanity.

Your body needs proteins, fats and carbs and it requires the correct balance of it.

What it doesn’t need is refined sugars, fizzy drinks, processed foods and artificial sweeteners so you may as well ditch them now.

Remember that getting in shape and feeling healthy is not an overnight fix. You need to commit to a different lifestyle if you are currently eating the wrong foods.

What is more, you must remember that this isn’t a 60 day workout/diet and then at the end you go back to a sedentary eat what you like life.

Let’s dive in to what the Insanity nutrition  guide is all about.

It is not low calorie or low carb. Don’t cut them in the hope that you can lose more weight. You will struggle to complete the workouts.

The Elite Nutrition focuses on eating 5 meals a day with each dish containing roughly the same amount of calories. There is not a one size fits all plan when it comes to a daily calorie allowance so you need to eat the right amount for your body type.

It is important to make sure you are getting the right balance of proteins (40%) carbs (40%) and fats (20%).

All of the foods recommended in the plan have a low glycemic index. This helps with your blood sugar levels which in turn helps with how you can perform in your workouts. The idea is to eat the right foods to provide you with a steady flow of energy throughout the day, rather than experiencing the highs and lows often associated with high glycemic foods such as white bread and sweets.

The Insanity Nutrition Plan

Each meal that you have will have around 300 calories in it (see below for a sample day.) If you need more you can boost up to 400 or 500 calories. The plan provides you with 5 different meal lists and you will pick one meal from each of the five meal lists. If you can, don’t skip any meals.

Try and vary what you eat for a healthy balanced diet and to keep it interesting.

If you need to add more calories to your intake each day you can add food blocks (see below for more details.)

In month 2 you will need more calories to help you with the harder workouts. Plus, your body will burn calories faster than it did at the beginning.

You can limit the extra calories if you want to continue losing weight quickly.

The extra foods are in the form of complex carbohydrates such as baked potato (with skin,) small banana, 1/2 cup of whole wheat couscous (there are a total of 14 in the manual.)

Working out how many calories you need to eat on the Insanity Workout

The nutrition plan uses the Harris Benedict Equation to workout how many calories you can eat and combines it with your exercise level. You then either add on, subtract or leave the amount the same depending on whether you want to lose, gain or maintain weight.

When you should be eating

As mentioned before the calories are spread out via 5 meals throughout the day. It is a good idea to eat every few hours.

The following is based on a 1,900 calorie day, obviously you will change yours according to how many calories you individually require.

Meal 1: Breakfast time – 400 calorie meal

Meal 2: Mid-Morning – 400 calorie meal

Meal 3: Lunch Time – 400 calorie meal

Meal 4: Afternoon Snack – 400 calorie meal

Meal 5: Dinner – 300 calorie meal

You can adjust the calories at each meal and add in food blocks when you wish to.

Experiment with what works best for your body type. Just make sure you eat what you need to or your body will protest.

Sample Meals

Meal 1 (typically breakfast): Berry Protein Smoothie

Meal 2 (typically mid-morning): Turkey BLT

Meal 3 (typically lunch-time): Chicken Salad

Meal 4 (typically afternoon): Protein Pizza Muffin

Meal 5 (typically dinner): Turkey Burger

For a full ingredients and other meal ideas refer to your nutrition manual

Sample Food Blocks to top up calories

1 hard boiled egg with baby carrots

1 large navel orange with 12 raw almonds

1 banana with 1 tbsp. of peanut butter

For a full list refer to your nutrition guide

Make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day (at least 8 glasses)

Avoid alcohol where you can (think of the calorie savings!)

The nutrition plan also has a great substitute foods list. If you don’t like all the choices in the meal plan then refer to this to make sure you are eating foods you enjoy and like the taste of.

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