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Working out at home is a great way to lose weight in the privacy of your own home. It doesn’t matter what shape you are in, all you need is motivation, desire, determination and room to do it in. That’s why home fitness work out DVD’s are so good because you can do it at your own pace and it doesn’t have to be by the latest celebrity showing off their amazing weight loss.

So, after a while you may start to find that some of your workouts are now a little bit easier than when you started and you feel that you would like to push yourself a little more. Well one option could be to do your workout twice, but that would be time consuming and people tend to find it a struggle to fit one session in never mind two. The other possibility is to make the workouts harder by adding extra resistance with weights and tension bands.

With the addition of weights you can add a little bit more to your workouts where you are working against gravity. This could come in the form of dumbbells, kettle bells, weighted workout gloves and weighted ankle \ wrist weights. Or if you don’t want to go down the weight route then you could try some tension bands which can be purchased with differing resistances to work with. Of course there are other weights that you can get for real strength training, but we are only concerned here with the small weights that can help you to improve your workout session results.


These are the basic easy option to add onto your workout sessions. They come in many different weights and sizes depending on your requirements, but I would suggest that you don’t overdo it as all you are trying to do is to add a little extra to your current workout. So go for the lighter weights to gently add a bit of extra work to your moves as after the repetition of the moves the weights will start to work their magic and you will feel that extra burn by the end of it.


These will be a little trickier to integrate into your routines as tend to be used with two hands, but are very good at working your core.

Weighted workout gloves

These are by far the easiest form of adding extra resistance to your routines without any adjustments or breaks in your routines as they are already on and working out with you for the whole workout session. They will be beneficent on most things that you do in a typical workout like running, jumping climbing and squats. The weights in some of these can be adjusted, but there is a limit to how heavy they can be due to the bulkiness that the additional weight adds to them.

Ankle weights and Wrist weights

These are also very easy to use in your workouts as they just strap around your ankles and or wrists to make your legs or arms heavier. So these will really start to work their magic on things like running, star jumps, ladder climbing and knee lift type exercises.

Tension Bands

You can use these as an alternative to dumbbells as they are less bulky and can be purchased in different resistances. The only problem is that unless the workout already utilises these like Focus T25, then it could be a bit tricky trying to integrate these into a existing workout without needing to add pauses while you set up the bands each time you need to use them. However, these are a really effective aid in increasing the effectiveness of your workouts, so don’t write them off!


Overall, I think that the best options that you can use are the weighted gloves and ankle / wrist weights. Both are easy to put on and use and will add loads to your workouts.

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