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Focus t25 workout review.

The Insanity workout program was a run away success and is still very popular today with it’s high intensity workouts.

Following on from that, Shaun T has worked on the formula and produced this package, so we have decided that we needed a Focus T25 review to see how good it is in the UK.

Focus T25

An element of resistance training has been added to this program along with Shaun’s high intensity aerobic cardiovascular exercises.

Shaun T spent a year looking at how he could pack the benefits of a full 60 minute workout session into a shorter time. Why? Well the reason is that not everybody can fit in an hour’s workout everyday in todays busy lives, but yet we all still want the fitness and physique that comes with it.

So Shaun T has come up with Focus T25 workout. The course is based on 5 hard workout days followed by 2 rest days for your body to recover. Here once again you are the driving force behind this and have to push yourself to the max and not give in. The t25 workouts are now squeezed into 25 minute sessions, but unlike before there are no rests. The sessions focus on one group of muscles and get you work them – hard! Then, just when you cannot take anymore reps it moves onto work on a different muscle group. They are all targeted, biceps, shoulders, abs, obliques, quads, glutes and more.  You will know that you have been in a workout!

The workout program has been configured to run over 60 days and has been broken up into 2 halves T25 Alpha and T25 Beta.

The Alpha section of T25 which covers the first half of the program has 5 workouts designed to build up your core fitness levels to enable you to really push on through later. To help out there are modified easier versions of the workouts, so that everyone can follow them. Even though this is just a grounding stage don’t be fooled into thinking that it will be easy, the basis is to push yourself.

The Focus T25 Alpha phase workouts are:

  • Cardio
  • Ab Intervals
  • Lower Focus
  • Speed 1.0
  • Total Body Circuit

The Beta section of T25 covers the second half of the program and turns up the heat. It also has 5 workouts designed to build on the fitness that you have gained from the Alpha phase and really push on though to get fantastic results.

The Focus T25 Beta phase workouts are:

  • Core Cardio
  • Dynamic Core
  • Speed 2.0
  • Rip’T Circuit
  • Upper Focus

So for both the Alpha & Beta sections the sessions are about 25 minutes in length with an additional couple of minutes for a cool down. Also the 5th day of the week that they suggest that you double up to get the full benefit of the program as directed by your wall planner. Finally, there is an additional Stretch Workout disk to use on one of your rest days to help your body recover in preparation for the next week.

You get 9 DVDs featuring 11 x 25 minute sessions that target different objectives throughout the course and to help you along the way there is also a wall planner to map out what you should be doing and when to do it, a getting started DVD to introduce you to Focus T25 and a Nutritional guide to help to guide you in what you should be eating to get maximum benefit from the course.


Focus T25 BLines Resistance BandIn addition for the resistance part of the workout you are now also supplied with a B-LINES® Resistance Band (15 lb.) If you want to ramp it up a notch then you can always look at purchasing some upgraded T25 Resistance Bands here.


Also included with this course is a Nutrition guide. This contains easy to prepare quick meals that will give you the energy and nutrients that will help you power through this course.

There is also a 5 Day FAST Track to give you a head start with a meal plan over 5 days to start your weight loss.Focus T25 Nutrition

Finally, you will have access to Beachbody’s 24hr 7 days a week online support service to keep that motivation going and support.


  • 60 minutes of effort crammed into 25 minute workouts
  • 9 DVDs with new focused workouts
  • High ratings and reviews in Amazon
  • Website support
  • Bonus Focus T25 Workout Calendar, Nutrition Guide, Stretch Workout disk included & a Quick Start Guide
  • B-LINES® Resistance Band
  • Modified exercises included allowing almost anyone to get started.


  • Costs a lot more than most fitness DVDs, (in the region of about £100), but the higher price reflects that the DVDs is from an instructor who has shown time an time again how to get the best out of you and this is a pack not just 1 DVD.
  • Complete beginners might still find this a little challenging, a basic fitness level and good health is recommended.

So what is our verdict on our T25 review? Well, overall with the addition with the modified moves that are not quite so intensive and thereby making it more accessible to most people to jump in and give it a go. The warm ups have been adjusted a bit from Insanity so that they start slower and build up the pace. There is still a lot of jumping around but with the modified moves that are always shown on screen you can get away without annoying the neighbours if you are in a flat or smaller space.

So what is the conclusion from our T25 review for the UK?

This is a great course that you will get great results from as long as you are willing to put in the effort. Despite this being one of the more expensive workout DVDs on the market it is still worth serious consideration as this will move your fitness to another level.

So what are you waiting for? Insanity in 25 minutes a day!

Like Shaun T says: “… can rest when you go to bed!”

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