Davina Fit in 15 Review

This latest DVD, Fit in 15, is ideal for those that love the Davina workouts but have busy schedules. It is a very simple workout that can, as the title suggests, be done in 15 minutes.

Davina, along with Personal Trainers Jackie and Mark, all look fabulous. Their light banter and humour with each other really helps when you are working out!

Fit in 15 ReviewThere are four main workouts which you can choose to do as standalones, or if you have the time, do an extra segment. If you really feel like going for it, do all 4. Perhaps you could add in extra workouts at weekends or on days when you have more time.

This is perfect for busy lifestyles and families trying to fit around children. You can easily squeeze a workout in of a morning or evening without it taking out much of your day.

 The sections are broken down as follows:

Cardio 15– Trainer Jackie leads this section. It is the ultimate in fat burning. Sustain this cardio workout for 15 minutes and you will see some great results.

The cardio includes star jumps, lunges, skipping, punching, side jumps, heel jumps amongst others.

Depending on your fitness level you can do extra reps to see more effective results. The high intensity training comes in 30 second bursts and is alternated with 15 seconds of rest.

Arms 15 – Be rid of those bingo wings! These high intensity arm workouts include weights. Your heart rate is kept high and fat burnt by alternating with intervals. The new workouts incorporated will really challenge your arms to ensure they get toned up and wobble free. You can increase the intensity by increasing the weights. Muscles worked are biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Legs 15 – This section is taken by trainer Mark. You begin with a warm up which includes bum kicks, toe taps and knee raises. Mark then takes you into the main part of the workout with sprints and balance exercises. Tone up your legs and bum whilst burning off some fat with 15 minutes of high energy leg exercises with intervals.

Core 15 – This section is brilliant for toning your core here with 15 minutes of intense abdominal work. You will use weights through both floor based and standing workouts. This the perfect way to maintain a good shape after losing weight.

The Stretches:

Cool Down Stretch – Although short in length these cool down stretches are a must are every workout.

Relaxation Stretch – If you have the time at any point in your week or weekend we really recommend this indulgent stretch and meditation to really completely relax and say goodbye to stress and tension.


Great for busy lifestyles, each workout only takes 15 minutes.

Good for all fitness levels, especially beginners.

Motivational music.

Lovely optional chill out session.


Not as challenging as Davina’s previous fitness DVD Davina Intense [DVD]

This DVD is probably better suited for beginners to fitness or as an alternate workout for those busier days.


A fantastic DVD for busy people. Perhaps not as challenging as some of her past workouts but ideal for those days when you are really short on time. A recommendation would be to use this alongside another DVD workout to mix and match depending on your schedule. Working out with Davina is inspirational and she is a great motivator.

Davina – Fit in 15 [DVD]


Now Out!

Davina has combined this Fit in 15 DVD with Davina’s Intense DVD to form her Davina – Fitness Combo. This is great value for money can be got from Amazon here.

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