Davina 7 Minute Fit

Davina 7 minute fit

After the previous Davina McCall DVD release of Fit In 15, Davina has changed her personal trainer to Ed Lumsden and have a new workout DVD called 7 Minute Fit for you all to try. Following on from the last DVD’s short intense exercises, this DVD has 10 new workouts to burn away fat and get fitter whilst doing it but they are all only 7 minutes long!

Now if you though that 7 minutes wasn’t anywhere near enough time to really make a difference then think again. The workouts are varied and hard, but there is still an bit of fun in them.

The new 7 Minute Fit workouts include, a body sculpting workout, a boxing based routine, and ‘The Ultimate Abs Workout’ that will bring the pain, but remember the gain!


This Davina McCall DVD is arranged so that your warm  ups and cool downs are separate to each routine so until you know what you are doing you will have to access then through the menu, do your routine and then return to find the cool down. This does also mean that only the actual workout is 7 minutes long. Then you have to add on the additional time for the warm up/cool downs which could add about 10 – 15 minutes on top, but you should never skip your warm ups and cool downs!

The warmup and some of the moves of in the disk are broken down to show you how to do them correctly, but there are not really any modifiers during the workouts to make it any easier for less able people.

If you want to challenge yourself, then you can tackle as many or even all the workouts in one session to get a full 70 minute workout if you want.

You also get access to Davina’s website for a free 5 week membership with a 100% personalised fitness and well-being programme to help you reach your weight targets.

The normal chemistry that Davina had with her previous trainers Jackie and Mark isn’t quite there yet but that might improve with future releases.

Overall the 7 Minute Fit routines are hard, but not as intense as you got with Fit In 15, but the ability to tailor which workouts you tie together to make your own personalised routine is probably the main point of this release.

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