Davina 5 Week Fit

DaDavina 5 weekfitvina has followed up 7 Minute Fit with this new workout.


This is the new Davina McCall DVD, 5 Week Fit and it builds on from the from the previous release and there are now new high intensity workouts that have been created by her new fitness trainer Ed.

The workouts are once again 7 minutes long, but this time for the keen ones among you, they have added an extra booster section at the end of each workout for an additional hard working 3 minutes.

There are 6 workouts on this disc as well as 2 warm up videos and 1 cool down video.



The new 5 Week Fit workouts on the disk are:

High Intensity (HIT) workout – 20 seconds on various cardio exercises followed by 10 second rests. This will get your heart racing and start to build up your fitness levels.

Box Fit workout – With these boxing based routines you will knock those calories out of the ring!

Ultimate Legs workout – To get those killer toned legs this routine will work your calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes.

Full Body Fat Stripper workout – Just what we all want, a routine to burn the fat and that’s just what you get here. you will be sweating after this with its cardio and exercises with weights.

Ultimate Abs workout – Everyone wants Abs like Davina, but to get them means hard work and that’s just what you get here. Each set of exercises concentrate on a particular part of your abs with little or no rest between them and include crunches.

21 Minute Ultimate Fitness Challenge – Think that you are up to it? This is 21 minutes of cardio, weight work, abs and endurance! Everything gets a workout here and it is intense. This will be hard the first few times but will help improve your overall core level of fitness.

You are guided through some of the more technical moves on the disk by Ed to help you when you are doing the actual workouts on separate sections on the disk. The DVD now also has a section within it, (5 Week Planner), to help you tailor your own workout schedule over a 5 week period including rest days which should leave you fitter and leaner by the end of that period.

You also get 5 weeks free access to your own personalised nutrition and exercise programme.

The chemistry between Ed and Davina has improved this time round though it is still not quite there yet. I am still not used to the fragmented nature of the disk and prefer the disks with less interaction required to get your workout, but this method does have the advantage of having a varied workout so that you don’t get bored of it so quickly. You may also need to get a set of small weights to use with this program and you can find a set here.

I am not sure how suitable 5 Week Fit will be to the home workout enthusiast that is reasonably fit and tackles routine’s like Insanity as they may not find this challenging enough, but for newbies and those with poor fitness levels then this Davina McCall DVD will be an excellent addition to your fitness libraries.


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