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Davina 5 Week Fit

Davina has followed up 7 Minute Fit with this new workout.   This is the new Davina McCall DVD, 5 Week Fit and it builds on from the from the previous release and there are now new high intensity workouts that have been created by her new fitness trainer

Davina 7 Minute Fit

After the previous Davina McCall DVD release of Fit In 15, Davina has changed her personal trainer to Ed Lumsden and have a new workout DVD called 7 Minute Fit for you all to try. Following on from the last DVD’s short intense exercises, this DVD has

Davina Fit in 15 Review

This latest DVD, Fit in 15, is ideal for those that love the Davina workouts but have busy schedules. It is a very simple workout that can, as the title suggests, be done in 15 minutes. Davina, along with Personal Trainers Jackie and Mark, all look fabulous.