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What can you eat on the Brazil Butt Lift Diet?

As with any workout it is vital to fuel your body with the right food and drink. There is no point in putting your body through it’s paces if you’re going to sabotage the results by following an unhealthy diet. What’s more, if you are eating fresh

Tomorrow I start the Brazil Butt Lift Workout

It arrived in the post today. Well actually it arrived 3 doors down with a neighbour. I went to collect it, kids in hot pursuit at the thought of an unidentified package. It was then that I realised I had overshared my plans with them. I’m not sure

Brazil Butt Lift Review

The Brazil Butt Lift (The Supermodels’ Secret to a Perfect Butt Workout DVD Programme) is another great program from Beach Body, the people who also bring you the Insanity Workout DVD. Available in both English and Spanish the Fitness DVD workout is designed to shape, reduce and