Brazil Butt Lift Review

Brazil Butt LiftThe Brazil Butt Lift (The Supermodels’ Secret to a Perfect Butt Workout DVD Programme) is another great program from Beach Body, the people who also bring you the Insanity Workout DVD.

Available in both English and Spanish the Fitness DVD workout is designed to shape, reduce and lift your behind.

In this proven TriAngle Training method you will work all 3 major muscles in your butt.

 What do you get with the Brazil Butt Lift workout?

Leandro Carvalho, personal trainer to famous supermodels, brings you a mix of cardio, Brazilian dance and his personal lower-body sculpting moves. All combined to turn your rear into the backside you always wished for.

All of the following is included in your Brazil Butt Lift workout;

  • 3 Workout DVDs with 6 workouts (see below for full details)
  • A Booty Makeover Guide – What is your butt type? Determine your workout plan.
  • Fat-Burning Foods – A Meal Plan created by a nutritionist. Consisting of tempting, Brazilian-inspired recipes that will help you on your slim down journey without missing out on delicious tastes.
  • TriAngle Training Workout Cards – Perfect for when you are out and about, never miss a workout.
  • Measurement Tracker Card and Tape Measure
  • Booty Resistance Band – Help sculpt the harder to reach places for speedier results.
  • Six-Day Supermodel Slimdown Plan – Used by Leandro’s supermodel clients before a photo shoot this 6 day SlimDown plan will help jump start your journey to the perfect backside.
  • Free Online Support: FREE 24-hour access to the Team Beachbody; online community. Get support from experts and peers, and keep track of your progress.

What are the exercises?

The TriAngle Training method works from multiple angles to reduce not only your butt but also your hips and thighs. It will help target those stubborn trouble zones.

The workout works all three major muscles of the buttocks;  the gluteus medius, maximus, and minimus. The exercises are fun with dancing taking from ballet, Afro-Brazilian dance and capoeira.

The workout plan can be customised to turn your rear into the one you want.

The Six Workouts:

  1. Basics: 20 minutes. Leandro will teach you the basics of the moves and all the techniques.
  2. Bum Bum: 35 minutes. A combination of fat-blasting cardio mixed with lower-body sculpting moves.
  3. High & Tight: 35 minutes. Perfect for focussing on the stubborn areas, including hips, thighs and glutes. This is where you will make use of the Booty Resistance Band combined with ankle weights to add an extra lift.
  4. Sculpt: 50 minutes. Sculpt your whole body whilst focusing on your glutes.
  5. Cardio Axe: 30 minutes. Get dancing, Brazilian style. A dance-based workout that gives you a blast of cardio and fat burning to help produce total and speedy slimming results.
  6. Tummy Tuck: 15 minutes. Get fabulously flat abs in only 15 minutes.

Bonus Workout
Bum Rapido:  Perfect for when you don’t have much time. A speedy 10 minute workout to give your butt the workout it deserves!

What Brazil Butt Lift Results Can I Expect?

Expect to see amazing results in 60 days. If you follow the plan laid out in the workout then you will be really pleased with not only a fabulously shaped bottom but also a slimmed down one. It is hard to say exactly how much weight you will lose – it all depends on how much you have to lose! Previously, people have lost up to 20 pounds in the 60 days along with inches off their rear. You will be leaned and toned but without he extra bulk.

Workout Results – Before and After Pictures

Before and AfterButt Lift Before and AfterBrazil Butt Lift Before and After

Brazil Butt Lift Reviews

Taken from a selection of reviews at Amazon, the pros and the cons;


Hard hitting workouts that achieve results. Your butt lifts in a very short space of time (reviewers noted noticeable change in just 1 week.)

Great if you love Latin music and dance – with constant change it never gets dull or boring. A great variety of really fun workouts.

Motivational and inspiring delivery of program.

Very successful for targeting those troublesome areas.

Create a schedule according to your body type.

The workouts don’t just target your butt, your whole body will benefit.

Easy to follow.


On the more expensive side but well worth the cost when you see what is included. Also worth it for the amazing results.

The resistance band included isn’t amazing quality.

You need to put the work in – not for people that expect amazing results for little effort!

If you have problems with your knees you should get advice before embarking on the program.

Conclusion – Should I buy it?

If you are looking for a fitness DVD that delivers great results in a short space of time then the Brazil Butt Lift is a great buy. Don’t be put off by the higher price tag, you are getting much more than just a single DVD. Reviewers report amazing changes to their rear with inches lost, muscles toned and weight lost.

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