So what is the best workout mat for home?

So, you’ve decided that for one reason or another you’ve gone out and purchased a fitness DVD or Blueray disc to loose some pounds or tone up.

After you put the disc in the player and get going you notice a problem. When you are doing this sort of exercise in a gym or hall they have nice thick gym mats that are soft to lay on when you need them, and that don’t slip when you run around on them.

Now that you are jumping around your lounge, sweating and trying  to do stretches and the Lotus position and your carpet or laminated floor just doesn’t cut it anymore!

What you need is the proper exercise mat, so we thought that we would compile a list of some of the best workout mats out there whether it for a aerobic high intensity session like Insanity or something a little less energetic like Pilates or PiYo.

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High Energy Exercise.

The big problem with the high energy workout sessions is that there are normally a lot of big moves, running jumping, press ups star jumps etc. The main reason for this is to burn energy fast which is fine but this can cause problems in your lounge because as you work up a sweat that has to go somewhere and if you are doing this on a laminate or wooden floor then this could get slippery. A rug on a carpet will tend to start moving to one corner of the room while your jumping around, and could become a trip hazard. So what you need is a thick non slip exercise mat that can cope with the activity and we have a couple choices.

Medium Exercise.

Workouts like Pilates and core and Ab sessions are slightly less strenuous, but tend to build up strength core fitness and balance. These tend to involve a lot of floor work and balancing so really thick mats though comfortable to lie on would cause difficulties with your balance moves so a compromise will have to be struck. So though the need for a non slip mat is still there it is not as paramount as the activities will be less strenuous.

Square36 CARDIO Mat – The BIG Exercise Mat.

Large Fitness MatThis large workout mat has been designed for workouts with shoes and has been made from highly durable material made from a mixture of foam and natural rubber and smell free. This are no Phthalates, Latex or Silicone, and is toxin free. This helps to protect your flooring from wear and tear and reduces the noise of you running and jumping around with the mat being 5 mm thick. However, there is also a breaking in period to increase the traction for this when it is first purchased so the more you use it, the more grip it will develop.

The mat’s size is 183 cm x 153 cm (72″ x 60″)  which is big enough to really let loose! The mat weighs in at about 15lbs, but can be easily rolled up and stored when not in use.

This mat doubles as a Yoga mat when you flip it over to the foam patterned side up. To help to try to make this as much a non slip mat as possible whilst on a carpet then you can get an additional Carpet Anchor’ 8 Pack Rug On Carpet Anti-Slip Pads. However, if you use the pads then they cannot be removed after being placed on the mat. This is one of the more expensive workout mats, but worth the cost if you are serious about the amount of effort you are going to put in.

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Pro-grade plyometric Jump Mat

Pro-grade plyometric Jump Mat

This mat is from Beachbody who have a number of plyometric workout videos like Insanity, P90X, P90X2, P90X3 and Insanity Asylum and so should be well versed in knowing what is required for them.

The ultra durable mat is made from 6 mm (1/4″) thick high density shock absorbing foam that should ensure a firm landing every time during your workout. It  has added slip resistant grip for safety.

The size of this workout mat is 180 cm x 66 cm (71″ x 26″)  wide which should provide enough surface area to effectively complete your workout.

On carpets, the mat can tend to rotate a bit whilst in use. Also the mat can slip a bit on Laminated / tiled surfaces but if you slightly dampen the bottom then that can help to improve the grip.

The mat can be used for Yoga as well but though it seems to cope well with the vigorous exercise on it with shoes on it, people has commented that it gets a bit slippery with sweat on it so it may have to be wiped down during use.

All in all this is a plyo mat well worth considering for a medium priced mat.

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66fit Interlocking Mats x 4pcs

66fit Interlocking Mats x 4 pcs

These interlocking mats are 60 cm x 60 cm and when clipped together will provide an area of 1.44 square metres (120 cm x 120 cm). Theses workout mats are made from hardwearing high density EVA which are more than capable of protecting the floor from any equipment that you might have and also be able to withstand a aerobic workout.

They are not as slip resistant on flooring as other mats out there and might need to be braced under a heavy unit or get rug grips form a carpet store attached, to stop them moving around during the more energetic actions. However, they will provide a good measure of support to your joints form the impacts from running and jumping.

The actual mats themselves are easy to clean and still provide a good grip on them and the big advantage is that with their inter-lockable design they can be combined with additional packs to expand the floor area covered if you want to which shouldn’t cost too much as these are low in price.

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Exercise Mat – Elite Body Squad

Excercise Mat - Elite Body Squad Premium

This NBR memory foam mat is 10mm thick which is about 3 times the thickness of a normal Yoga mat. This makes it ideal for floor based exercises like Pilates, ab work, core work and stretching. However due to the thickness this mat may not be suitable for some forms of Yoga due to the fact that your balance could be impaired by the thick nature of the mat.

It’s so comfortable that you won’t be able to feel the slippery cold floor or carpet that it is resting on. It comes with a removable shoulder strap and is easy to roll out, but the edges still lie flat when rolled out and at 1kg is light enough to carry. The mat is designed to be non slip though a measure of caution is still advisable on highly polished surfaces and some wooden floors.

It is resistant to moisture and hygienic as it is easy to wipe clean. It is recommended not to use trainers on this mat though it seems robust enough to cope, but this might eventually reduce the lifespan of the workout mat. The size of the mat is 150 cm x 58 cm which is a good size to workout on.

Overall this is a good low cost alternative home exercise mat that will support your joints for medium workout sessions.

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I think that you large Square 36 Cardio mat just about comes out on top for this list despite being the most expensive from this list, but it provides plenty of room for you to be able to workout on and it is still useable for some floor work as well.

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