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Chalene Johnson is a celebrity fitness trainer and a mother of 2 children. The PiYo DVD workout collection is her latest creation unique combination of Pilates and Yoga which firms your core, sculpts your muscles and yet still gives you Yoga’s strength and flexibility.

The initial price of this course could discourage you from considering this course, but there is a lot to this course and it is well worth further consideration compared to a gym membership and what you get out of it.

The PiYo DVD course has been designed so that almost anyone can do it whatever their age, sex or fitness level.  In most people’s minds the only way that they can start to get fit and get a physique that they are proud off is to go and pound the streets running, join the gym and actually go or to take up a cardio intensive workout like Insanity to pound that fat from your body one jump at a time! While it is true that those methods will work it is not possible for everyone as age and fitness levels can hinder the effectiveness of them.

The other options of Pilates or Yoga are viable options but seem to lack that cardio burn that makes you feel that you have been working out hard.  Don’t get me wrong as these are very good forms of exercise, but I could never see myself doing it.

Beachbody PiYo Pilates and Yoga ExcerciseSo this is why this PiYo DVD course interested me, as it is a mixture of Pilates and Yoga. The sessions start off with an alignment and fundamentals session that takes you through the basic stretches and positions that you will be using and building on during the course.

Over the first week you spend a lot of time stopping to look up to try and find out what move you were meant to be doing! But don’t be concerned as it is all part of the learning process and things start to get better after you have realised what is required.

So what do you get with this? The pack has 9 workout sessions over 3 DVDs, a quick start guide and a workout calendar that maps out the sessions to do over the 60 day period. There are 6 sessions a week with one day’s rest and the workouts duration range from about 25 to 45 minutes.PiYo Pilates and Yogo chart


To help you reach your goal, there is also a bonus eating guide and tape measure included with the course. The fluidic movements that have been designed into this course his course have replaced all the running and jumping that you would normally get with a cardio workout which is a lot kinder to your joints, but will still have you dripping with sweat and burning those calories!


The workouts on the disks are:

  • Align: The Fundamentals – Teaches you the basic moves used throughout the course
  • Define: Lower Body – Works on your glutes, calves and hamstrings for fantastic legs
  • Define: Upper Body – Works on your arms, triceps and shoulders to start to shape your upper body
  • Sweat – Strength and flowing Yoga based cardio for the whole body
  • Core – This works your core to the max! Abs, oblique’s and your back get a thorough work out
  • Buns – This bonus workout session focuses on the glutes to reshape it to a nice tight rounded butt!
  • Strength Intervals – 25 nonstop minutes of calorie destroying cardio that strengthens but adds no bulk without any equipment.
  • Drench – The fat burning endurance session will help to kick start your fat burning metabolism and works the whole body.
  • Sculpt – The different speeds of this helps to extend your muscle endurance and metabolism which will begin to sculpt your body.

Charlene talks you through the course and offers plenty of encouragement for the newbie’s and not forgetting those that may have been doing the course for a while she is always telling you to push the stretches that little bit further.

There is always someone doing a modified version of the workouts that are a little less challenging for the new starters or less flexible which is very handy.PiYo Pilates and Yogo Nutrition

As with any workout they will only really show dramatic results if you also eat correctly, so they mention this in the workouts and that through the support service you can find yourself a PiYo coach. The idea behind the coaches are so that you can talk to people who have been through the same course as you and help to motivate you and keep it going, or help out with any issues that you may be having with the workouts which is a nice touch.

Like the Insanity workouts you may be able to find live PiYo classes in your area if you feel inspired enough!

I would advise that you consider getting a workout mat for this as there is a lot of ground work and stretching which will be uncomfortable on hard floors.

The results that people have had from this course are amazing and it doesn’t matter what your initial body shape or fitness levels are, this program will surprise you with the results.

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